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Case Templates

Case Template is very important and useful when you have a case & certain tasks/appointments behind that case. It consists of two more entities i.e. task & appointment. In Case template, you can specify which task & Appointment template you want to run once case is created through template. As well as you can trigger any custom workflow once case is created. So case template is combination of:

  • Task Template
  • Case Template
  • Custom workflow

To open Case template, see below

Click on New from Command Bar, this will show you Case template form, see below

Associate task & Appointment templates for Case Template

In case template, you have option to add task template & Appointment template which again gets executed after case is created.

Templates which are associated with case templates is not visible on Fly-out menu of Automation template.

You can easily associate task & appointment template with a case template. See below :


Schema Information

Field Name Description Sample Field Data Required
Template Name Name of the template Final Meeting to Close Deal Yes
Template Tool-Tip This information will be displayed when we mouse hover on template name from Run Automation button. See here Last meeting to close Deal Yes
For Which Entity? For which entity , you want to run this template i.e. Account,Lead,contact,Opprotunity Account Yes
Title Set case title here. New Case : Billing Discrepancy No
Type Type of case i.e. Problem,Request,Question Problem Yes
Customer Start time of Appointment {parent.createdon} {5} {12:10} Yes
Entitlements No
Origin Origin of New case Phone No
Priority Case Priority i.e. High,Medium,Low High No
Description Description of Case Billing Discrepancy issue with customer No
Assign To User whom case should be assigned. #FirstName LastName# -this would a assign a case to particular user. #FirsNamet LastName# No
Follow up By A next date to follow up on this case. {2} – This will set up a date two days after case is created. {parent.modifiedon} {2} No
Responsible Contact Look up of contact person {parentcustomerid} No