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Appointment Templates

Appointment Template is usually used to create Appointments in CRM which occurs frequently in your business. See next on how to create appointment templates:

To open Appointment Template, see below

From command bar click on New, which allows you to create a new Appointment Template and looks like below

Schema Information

Field Name Description Sample Field Data Required
Template Name Name of the template Final Meeting to Close Deal Yes
Template Tool Tip This information will be displayed when we mouse hover on template name from Automation Templates button. See here Last meeting to close Deal Yes
For Which Entity For which entity you want to run this template i.e. Account, Lead, Contact, Opportunity Lead Yes
Associated to Case Template Whether this template is a part of Case Template or not. Yes No
Case Template Select Case Template, if current template is a part of Case Template Only if Associated to Case Template is Yes
Subject Subject of Appointment to be created when we run template Yes
Regarding Sets the Regarding of Appointment. Options depends on “For Which Entity” Parent Lead Yes
Priority Priority of Appointment i.e. Low, Medium, High Low No
Organizer Who is the organizer of Appointment. You can set dynamic value here like {ownerid}. This means whoever is creator of primary record that person will be set as Appointment organizer. {ownerid} No
Required Attendees Who all are required for this Appointment? You can set Account, User, Lead or Contact Person as attendees #John Smith# No
Optional Attendees Optional attendees you want to have for appointment #William Prince# No
All Day Event If the Appointment is an All day event No
Start Time Start time of Appointment {parent.createdon} {5} {12:10} Yes
Duration Duration of Appointment in minutes 20 Yes
Location Location of Appointment (Free text field) Skype No
Category Category of Appointment (Free text  Field) Sales No
Sub-Category Sub-Category of Appointment (Free text  Field) New Lead No
Description Description of Appointment (Free text  Field) Final Meeting with prospect. Identify opportunity for this lead. No